Saturday, February 21, 2015

conciousness evolution atheism

People get scared when I talk crazy. new ideas always scare the fearful!
I myself declare ideas and get scared, mad, emotional and try to practice thinking my thoughts through before I blather on about why a girl "must" wear head wrap or not. I say no, because you are no longer in the desert and that I can see every luscious curvy part of you with the other clothes you wear, One girl, is so pretty with the long tight skirt and then she glides down the big hall way, where she works..I always wonder if she just took that thing off, if god would notice even. Her dad, might! Oh yea, he would.
Am I a feminist? Yes, in that everything should be fair not some rules that do not fit our way of life here..sigh. Women can be smart and handle things.

Mostly, I love you anyway.
My children all say, I am being too harsh and perhaps targeting racism based on clothing..I don't.
I am speaking of the philosophical and the poetic and real. I like a scarf now and again, myself.

And also, you must work towards a better world for all!
You cannot go around shooting and slicing peoples heads off no matter where you live. How mad do you need to be to go burn a church down? At my house, everyone is too busy reading, studying and learning. School is hard and takes all their time.  You are burning people alive? Ever hear about calculus, dummy?
Moreover, when women get to do what they want(ohhhh) they take the bindings off and love you the idea that it is all sacrifice for the some thing better? Non, mon ami!
You cannot be sure of such things. You must always do your very best now.
If you do not have real love in your heart while fasting, you do not think god sees that? Oh is all about truth inside and out.
You may be all like, "well, I am fasting for god" "I will not eat chocolate now for 40 days cuz jesus had to suffer for me" He wasn't the only one, The Greeks were crucifying people before The it wasn't that one time! Brutal, they were!

I mean really! Doesn't it all come back to the main questions?

"How do you set your intentions?" "Who or what do you serve?'

When we learn about how our consciousness works, When I see that there are not really seven houses of the moon where certain saints live now..When I hear you are doing well, when I think about you and you call me, when I dream about you and next time you sing me a relevant song about my dreams and thoughts that day.
Yes we are connected and driven by and to certain un relenting forces!

I am me with me and always in me..if god is that, I am ok with it. If god needs me to to wash by the river and lament and praise his name or worship only this demi god or that demi goddess or that one or imagine there one looking over me all day..I say to myself, I say, "now anastasia, you know, none of that is real, pay attention!"

 I am immediately taken in my mind, to the images I have seen of laneakea, (the Virgo cluster my ass, )) big with ...the great attractor!!

That is so cool, so then I think, ..two or three minds together create forces..and yes we can not see them, they are small. electric, magnetic and very small. There are neutrinos passing through us right now, me and you and we do not feel them or know they are there. Is there a super fantastic creator of the universe with powers to be metaphysical? I do not know. I doubt it. Is Isis real? She needs to show up and show those fuks then..for taking her name and using it to kill.

Only through common sense and respect for all creatures, can we help our earth and man kind..not by  some turban wearing tyrants who think the earth doesn't move and always speak by yelling and pointing a finger! Just sayin'! The do yell, a lot! And the point a lot too!
 Educated people do not. They speak calmly, they respond by raising questions, not their voices.

 I am not saying I have mastered this, or The bible..soap making yes, the bible..dude, there are no locusts gonna come out of the earth with faces, you know that right? When  John, an agry cleric,  was in a cave writing about Revelations..he must have also been suffering from sulfur poisoning or methane..but no, locusts will not come out of the earth with faces of Roman soldiers and when our Sun goes red giant and fries the earth but good..everything we are would disperse in those flames..locusts? really??

I yell at my kids all the time! Never on how they should believe or have faith in Shiva or Yogananda.
I yell about knives and cups in the sink! How many times do I have to tell them?

The history of man is quite clearly evidential and more so today, than any other time. Humans are  very organised in  the building of this civilization, er, our civilization..
Everything we know came form something else before...our ways that we communicate is as alive as we are. If that is not mystical enough for you, I do not know what is man, but it is wonderful and super cool.

Now, what is for lunch today? I made this yesterday;

Macedonian Lunch with olives on the side:)

roast 6 peppers, peel and chop them and sprinkle salt and olive oil on them..
chop medium, one tomato
one onion sliced thinly
one cucumber medium dice
one garlic clove gently minced not smashed just minced
a dollop red wine vinegar
set aside in the cooler to marry

two ciabatta rolls

one cup cream cheese
one cup feta ( I love the french sheep's milk feta)
one super finely minced garlic clove
2 tbsp chopped herbs like parsley, basil
a few drops lemon juice, like three or four, not a whole lemon

you put a light layer on each side of the ciabatta
you then fill the ciabatta with your salad


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