Sunday, February 15, 2015

new neem things

Three soaps made on this chilly, -8 degree day.

Juniper with raw honey, neem, rhassoul and salt

organic grown hemp flowers with rhassoul, salt, frankincense, ginger, cinnamon and sweet orange made in balm and now in soap just this one time!
(I have in my possesion various extractions from people who grow coconut oil and butter made long and slow time:))
Great for pain they say..since I do not particularly love the smell of hemp as any sort of balmy application, I though I would make soap and see what we get.  I might as well use it for something.

and, neem lemon, yuzu with salt and rhassoul as a soap bar

Rhassoul is a bland color but I don't care. I love it. When you put a little rhassoul in a clay mask, you feel it more. It does not feel like any of the other of the clays I use. For example, the ancient Aztec clay (Calcium bentonite), that one is too severe for all the time and yet I love it, now and again.
 Rhassoul feels like ground rocks which is how it used to come in this country. It is heavy in the hand and light at the same time. We had to grind it and work it to a powder in order to gain its benefits.
Remember when I got so mad that everyone had to have it? Yea..some things are not for everyone are they? Like everything all the people who had to have it lost interest. I didn't..dude, we are talking manganese and lithium in trace amounts..just perfect really!

I hope you are having a nice morning and that you relax a little bit and stop being so mad all day. Do not be mad, do your job, be a happy boy or girl and not some emotional revenge driven boy or girl.

Just saying..say less, think more..and use my soap!

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