Sunday, February 22, 2015

so pretty unforgettable northman

I have a little of this and that to make a bath experience to satisfy my desire to always be clean and smell like incense and me.
The menu for March is about to unfold!

For a man and a woman...
 I would like to have a soap bar to be  rather green in nature and later as it goes to a sliver, I will have enjoyed its woodsy scent all the way to the sweet ass end..(pun intended)
 I  want a manly soap, with musky notes, animal and moss here, all the fougere I can really take and that is a lot.

Should there be a resinous pine or a spruce mixed with a fine aged patchouli oil?
Yes, of course it will be there and you will not even know it is in there..some people do not like patchouli and do not know that many of their favorite perfumes have it in there. I love it, especially when I have nice aged patchouli. It is the best!

Unforgettable North
All of ingredients will be exposed as soon as I make it and write down all the additions..
pine, amber, smoke, leather boots, fragrant along the face lines and deeply close parts, kind of scent..more on what is to be later. There will be vetiver..

Afterwards, bath oil!

Inevitable  Time


rose sandalwood, peony, ylang ylang cinnamon

cedar (one drop, one)

The oils for this are just now brewing or as you like to say"evolving":)

It is the rose that triggers something in me this time of year. I know it is everyone kind feeling the love start to spread and once again, you are calmly knowing that the softness of spring time brings better light on everything.

After a great bath one must protect with oils on the face  on the must. This is a great time for quiet meditation and mindfulness about your day. You get to know your body.

I have my hands on some organic  marula oil and some organic  green tea oil..camelia ..also there will be organic jojoba. I wanted the carrier oils to be to be light with very little scent to them. Og jojoba is good for you and really has no scent. Marula is beautiful! It glides on the skin and then disappears.

Look..rose and sandalwood are expensive. If something is 13.00 retail, how much rose do we expect for that amount of money? For some of us, it can always be more rose!
 I will try to make it fair,so far, I am looking at $17.00 per ounce of bath oil..bath perfume. It will have a long life so if you use it now and again, in 30 days time, it becomes much better!
Inevitably so!
For me, one ounce lasts about a month. I use an oil every day. You should too!


Specials in March will be Lemon Lime Clementine Soap and After Bath Spray..$13.00
You will love it!
It is fun, refreshing and a great deal!
(now you can splurge on some of  the other really nice things I make)))

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