Saturday, August 1, 2015

August First Venus Retrograde News and Ideas

As if that really means any can you equate the beginning of time as 2015 years ago? That is so dumb to me. But no, that is when we started counting and the rest is backwards..counting backwards.
Today we can  go so much farther back that we are at the
And that there is the debate.

We can go so far back that we found, find, nothing? Well, it seems like it is nothing but hey, maybe that is when the really big stuff happened. a huge crunch to a dot and then, "boom"!

It does mean something to me though, humans, our planets and how we are so entwined with them and each other.
I find this year to have been interestingly in a response to our planetary changes.
I mean really, tell me, tell me right now that when Venus went retrograde, your world didn't rock  and shake you up a little.
I attributed all this to our over sized adrenals (true) and basic humanity having gone too far as per usual.
What can I say, things happen because people lie and are basically lazy and want to play.

Here is a tune I would sing to you if you were here having a coffee with me,

When Venus went retrograde and we felt the earth move,
did we cry for our pain a little
or did we wish we could groove
meanwhile we've left a trail of misery and hate and sneaking around
meanwhile we justified our lazy fuk ways by latching on to the next one who will give us comfort
some did, I know...
lessons for me and ideas for you..ooohhhhh
Venus is about being one with yourself in honesty baby,  not doing to someone what they did to you.."do it to your self puta!"

Venus is The Empress and The Secret Queen of Knowledge, she is a bad ass if a banishing is required. She is also about finding out secrets hidden as if in a chest opened and revealing a monster inside..or so it seems at first..when you take a better look, it is something very manageable..yea..
She is pregnant with ideas flourishing, success at her reach
she is in control of herself
She is beautiful and all that, when ever her age ,in what ever realm.

Soon, she'll go back to being her sulfurous self, hot, steamy...normally content..sooooon....

The "concept" of the concept of pleases me!

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