Monday, January 30, 2012

mountain pride

penstemon newberryi
through mountain pride, the soul learns to take a stand in the world and for the world by aligning its own personal identity with forces of goodness and truth.

warrior like spirit which confronts and transforms.

To the power of good and taking pride in our world and its resources.
"If we only bought what we need, the economy would fail" (why we buy)

The other side of that is that all the skin care crap we toss in the trash or take back to the store just so we can try another thing we might like.
All that stuff comes from some really poor person digging up the minerals for that eye shadow or blush.

Someone asked me the other day why I do not go retail with the soap?
Because I do not want to have to refund money or waste products on people who are willing to throw perfectly great, lovingly made to boot skin care and soap, in the trash because it was their intention to take it back anyhow because they simply wanted to try it for a day or so because the tester is is gross.
Now they can take that 20, 30 dollars and try something else.
Is it a marketing ploy?
yes and no..I mean you want to see nicer products on the shelves, but it is also the responsibility the (me and you) consumer to be accountable for what is purchased.
1/3 of our land fills are skin care and shampoo bottles, half full, rotting in the earth and spreading poison and disease in to our water among the other things we consume through the air like dioxin and radiation.

My customers are high thinkers who want nice fats on their body and not some hydrogenated muck. They want truth and not sweet lie on a cute box. The big guys can afford a few losses in the garbage, and they don't care about the environment, who dug up the mineral, or clay or roots or collected the resin in the desert.. the small guy cares but it hurts him more when he has to refund 200, 300 hundred a month per store for returns.
I say we wager to put skin care in the same category as wine. You are not allowed to return wine anywhere. The FDA won't allow it. But hey, a diva cup, tamanu oil that you swiped your ass with..sure! I am not touching the diva cup, man!! I have seen it brought back though. Who does that? Show some class for goodness sake!
I get so worked up!:):):)

have a good day~going on a road trip today to Rochester, Michigan:)

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