Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mars Retrograde

line up your little bottles in a row honey! Think, think and don't share all your ideas with muggles! They are sacred and shouldn't be wasted.
You have worked hard and planted seeds since last July (2011) Now you will see what sprouts based on the energy through your hands. People who matter will remember your hard work but if they ask you how does your horn toot, make then hear you! Make it sweet to their ears and not tawdry like you want to. This is no time to loose your cool. You are a warrior ~ stand steady on your feet. Your mind is clear and concise. Your stance is a warrior stance and you are breathing through your nose toes up, heels down honey!
Oh yea..the time is near. It is a subtle vibe. Let your knowledge lead you to success. What ever you have brought to the table is based on years of specialized knowledge only you can insinuate!

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