Tuesday, January 31, 2012


That was the year that Neptune went into Aquarius. That was the time when you were propelled into the world in a whole whole new and even quirky way. At one point, by 2002, I was wondering why all the freaks and thieves in my life? Why all the cheatin and stealing? Now I know why. It was Neptune in Aquarius. It is time to look back since then and see what we made during this time. What we left behind (hurt it did) what we shed like a dirty whore. Now we have a week left with Neptune in Aquarius and we will be in a new phase. Neptune in Pisces!!
Bring it! Bring me more love, more kindness, new friends who create, old friends who love the earth, who care about their family, who paint pictures with deep messages of hope and creation. Who have no enemies, who use their words to move mountains, who have skills beyond words, who breathe in forgiveness and breathe out confidence.
Who know we are one, who leave judgement and grief behind them, who can release all tears and fears, who accept boons and success.
Go read what Mystichas to say about this transit.

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