Sunday, January 22, 2012


I wonder if anyone reads my posts on this thing. Who reads these silly ( I like silly by the way) self absorbed rants anyhow? I had a counter for a while but like everything else it became an obsession to go see how many people came and read my words so I turned it off.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Kim Falconer has her new moon newsletter and year of the dragon stuff up you should read that.

Neptune is about to go in Pisces, whew!!
I am so glad to be on an exalted angle with Neptune in Pisces. (It isn't that didn't channel Neptune in Aquarius vibes all this time rather wisely. Neptune in my chart is how I utilize my communication gifts in a (I have Neptune in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter and Mercury in my tenth house. Of course I have had to change. I am still learning.
Neptune in Pisces brings common scenes she does..or He, I always think Neptune is female energy:)don't get me wrong when I tell you that Pisces men are gorgeous and refined to me. I like a smart, artistic man, I do!
If you have a Pisces in your life, they will do right by their art or skill, be by your side when need be and be loyal at the same time they scold have a point when they can be scary keen on your dark secrets, their sting being swift and too easy..On the other hand you might get one who loves liquor or too much weed or ciggies..hey why is it we want to escape so badly all day? I have not seen that much from Pisces but Libra men can dwell too long in this dilemma.
What about the Leo guy who is an avid vegetarian and drinks 10 cups of coffee a day? What about the Aquarius who is addicted to weekend shaman workshops?
What I am I wrong?
How about the Gemini who now has a hurt knee and Achilles tendon issue and still thinks he has to run 10 miles a day to keep his body lean looking?
How about you, what is so consuming that you have to do it everyday?

Pluto in Capricorn will certainly make sure old ideas fade away. You can do it the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is when your adrenals get all shaky for days over stupid work/ego crap when you should be meditating or stretching in yoga..which is also the easy way.
There is loss and heartache and people die even. They go in swoops of three too and we're all left here wondering, who's next? Which is why we are so scared. Which is why we should do what we love,make it real nice,smile all day, eat more green food, less carbs, less potatoes, more mushrooms, more kale. (kale has everything you need for a happy is like taking a vitamin..just 1/2 cup a day with lemon it)

1/2 cup thoroughly washed and chopped kale
1 lemon
pink salt

you can eat this in a corner in two bites and go about your day. Eat what you love after that. The kale actually scores 100% in ANDI for its concentrated level of nutrients. Great source of fiber at the same time. Your gut must be contracting freely and not lodged up with putrid meat and dead white flour and what ever other crap is still lingering, spreading toxins.
Take a good probiotic.
I love love the Raw one by Garden of Life!

My new manager is a raw vegan for like 25 years and loves to explain the food thing..Did I attract that?
Hey man, I can't help it if I have mental powers:)

soaps coming up on the menu this week

Old Whore
Blackberry Sage with Mugwort

Patchouli Vetiver Shea Butter Cream with a splash of olive/lime infusion
it is a cream for the babe who loves the grounding vibe of vetiver. the boons, the boons!

have a good day


  1. well I'll be<3
    thank you for putting up with me in that case.
    I have blueberry oil, it rocks the house.