Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Moon is Dark in Sag

I think it is ok. It seems a little calm before a storm.
Boy I am glad I din't freak out about anything this time. And by this time I mean the last year or should I say 3?
Haven't we just been through something? All I can say is, if you haven't transformed, gone through hurtin' pain and reckoned with some notions and beliefs that haven't gone your way..the're gonna now.
Well it could be because you were brave and willing to change. What were you going to do, sit in the corner and cry about your condition and nurture depression? What a waste of time that is.
You will do 10 minutes of Yoga each day and you will think for 20. Ponder on goodness and clean living. Ponder on success and comfort and nice herb and flower gardens. he heh!
You will face each day with brave knowledge and dignity, you will do your best and not even talk about what is bothering you. It could be a douche bag pouring "slime guilt" all over you and you're crying for that!!
No, you will say what is on your mind with kindness and loving words and pass on the guilt and accusations and make decisions based on what you want.
Listen if you feel bad about doing something horribly wrong that is good but don't feel like crap and go do it again..that is why we guilt I think..maybe we like being naughty so we give ourselves guilt as a token to be able to do it again.
ah the dark moon makes me ponder stuff..
have a great day:)

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