Sunday, January 8, 2012


"Can you help with a tea question? I am trying to quit drinking now that I have a baby and I wonder if you would choose a tea that may help me sleep at night which is when I drink?"

As I was processing the info she gave me, I looked through the wide array of teas we stock and chose a passion flower chamomile blend. Nighty Night is good as well as Gaia teas for a wide range of medicinal properties in their tea.
I said, "the chamomile and passionflower together will help to calm you down."
What's chamomile?" she asked me.
That is when I began to study her face, her dress, and her stature. Pretty, 40ish, well dressed, classy haircut...
"How do you not know what chamomile is?"
"Never heard of it."
I told her to drink the Nighty Nighty, because it called Nighty Night and therefore anyone won't ever need know what chamomile is and what it does, just look at the title or get the one of the sleeping that is the Celestial brand!!Heh, heh...
Bless her and her baby!

I am about the cut the glorious sea buckthorn calendula soap. It is still a bit soft due to high content of supperfatting oils like carrot seed and avocado oil.
It smells bright and cheery.

Have a happy, healthy, warm and abundant day filled with big boons!

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