Friday, January 13, 2012

dating and being human

the UK version in Netflix.
ever watch it? It is fantabulous.
I'm on season two and it gets scary sometimes,that and the excellent writing abilities of the writers..there is something to be said for something that can take you through a range of emotions and make you laugh at the same time.
That is why I love Dr Who! In particular when David Tenant carried the roll to new highs in gut wrenching emotions all contained in one hour and lingering through the next day..
I feel that way about Being Human. A show about charming sweet ghost, a werewolf and a vampire.
Mitchel, the vampire is glorious as he struggles between wanting to live right and being a blood sucking vicious creature. The actor is so good and his Irish tones are nice to my ears.
I don't know about you but a fit, lovely to look at , dark Irishman who speaks beautifully isn't bad on any day. :)

There seems to be some serious stuff coming up this next few weeks. The spheres Uranus and Pluto are creating some angles in space that will effect us big time. Stay focused! Do one thing at a time and take notes. This is no time to be sloppy or emo.
Bring your game on and shed hurt feelings.
Today I will focus on not what I have done for you but what I am doing now, and what going to do next:)

I am going to work and make it my best day there and make money selling to very special clients who come and share their lives with me and cherish everything they buy:)
It is so cool. I attract people like myself. they gravitate towards me. The ones who don't don't..I don't care.
I will smile at everyone today.
I will not have to justify myself or prove I am right.
I will study about one thing, today,the dark little juicy treasure, blackberry.

Making soap tonight!
How about some citrus?

Grapefruit Soap with wild orange from Dominican Republic

Lemon vetiver soap with an orange frankincense syrup drizzle

and to clear the palate a little;
Wild Rosemary Soap with peppermint and holy basil (aka Mind Control)

( oh and as far a dating, I can't seem to manage to go back out of my home after work and offer my time like that. It has to be easy and not a drag right? I only bring it up because I sort of dashed some plans with a man..everyone is like," go, just go".
All day I am like, " when I get home I am going to talk to my kids, talk with Tonie and bathe with something good and watch some telly. what? Too boring of me? Ha! I happen to enjoy space shows and such!
He was a Libra anyhow..two Libras could be super confusion and vague plans, could be flashes of insight and organization..)


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