Wednesday, January 11, 2012


everyone's orders out, all except for the new ones;)
I put in some time yesterday and worked my soap business. It isn't just a hobby anymore but something pretty big, slowly having crept along and oh, suddenly you have this new reality, new success..and with great power come great responsibility.
It is as if I thought all this out but it took a really long time and my mind only noticed in a flash that, oh, I am a real business woman and not some dumb whore thinking she is a witch just because she loves astrology and space and junk...:)
This last holiday freaked me out on so many levels. I shouldn't be rushed, My business must be fun and easy not some stressed out crap. I make soap, you must wait for it. No more refunds, unless something is damaged. Who am I the bank? I work full time and raise my children. It is my best thing!

One other best thing is being able to weed out my surroundings so that I am not left with clutter anywhere and that includes vampires in mine or your, even all of our lives.. whose only idea of communication is sex topped with guilt..I mean really!
I am not talking about just soap here either.

I am feeling Neptune big time and can see right through all the debris and dust which can make for dirty reality. Not too far in the distance is Uranus in Aries bringing me charming fellows with an occasional wily character who isn't always honest or good. Uranus brings a little grody too. I do not know why I think that but I do.
Go read Mystic for a couple of days and get the feel for this intense, electric gravity in spheres and their modern day meanings.

I ordered some new oils and aim to make a grapefruity soap with vanilla
and a lemongrass shampoo bar.
I will also make a vinegar rinse to go with the shampoo bar.
Maybe it'll be a good shampoo or maybe not. I am not a fan myself due the sticky feel on my hair, but i am only going to use castor bean and og coconut oils.
I will include some Hunza salt for maybe a little more slick.

Have a great day and put some oils on your face.
Did you know there is such a thing as blackberry seed oil? OMG!! I want some of that!!
Happy Birthday to all Capricorns everywhere!

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