Wednesday, January 18, 2012

happiness now

I could barely sleep all night. Maybe the dark Moon, maybe all the angles in my chart..who knows?
It isn't as if I don't have a million things going all at once.
Work is great and all but when there is a one person out, you still have to do his work and basically run your ass off..I work retail..the office is upstairs.
Up and down all day..yea I lost some weight:)!!
It is odd to me how I can't shake that place off some days. I get up raring to go and finish projects from the day before and keep all invoices accurate..I know right! Me, a peasant from the village who can raise goats working in administration for a big corporation!
Let me tell you the amazing part right now. Alba, freeking Pacifica and who and toast! Crap, poison and cute box, sweet customer service, crap:)
4 years ago, when I first got this job, I was appealed with the products on our shelves.
I was seriously afraid to say what was on my mind, and then of course I spoke up. That is it junk, poison, bad for your brain, causes headaches and so on..
Now, with good intentions, we have attracted new customers who want the good stuff!
Did I do that?
Did I attract buyers and managers who like holistic, raw food, skincare and life?
Well, you attract people like yourself right?
From my words, to God's ears:)
We have badger, that Sweet bee company, and Hope to bring Juniper Ridge.
If we as consumers make responsible choices for ourselves and our families, we need never smell fake vanilla again.
"My customers make responsible choices and understand the sacred aspect of essential oils"
" I am calm and organized"
" I am kind to all, I have no enemies"

Made Sandalwood Shea Butter with of lemon and pink grapefruit oil last night. I want to eat it<3

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