Tuesday, January 10, 2012


my back!!
Both the Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn right now and making me pay attention to my bones! I am not getting any younger and all the weight lifting I did in my 20's has done some damage. And with Mars in Virgo until next summer, I am being propelled towards some yoga. I go in and out with yoga. I will do it with a group for a few months and then my life gets so hectic that I do not make time for the most important thing, my spine and my neck. Both effected by the Capricorn energy.
I think it is also time to visit the dentist.
Teeth are also ruled by Capricornian energies coming from Saturn's super intense and serious gravitational pull.

I will do 10 minutes of yoga every morning..
I began today with two Sun Salutations and it was good. maybe there is hope for me after all;)

Mars in Virgo is certainly going to bring health issues to the forefront as well as attention to one's eating habits, I would think.
It is usually not life threatening and always tweaks everyday habits so that we become more analytical.

For Libras it is a time to be very precise and honest at the same time.
Pay attention and use your gluteals to lift something off the ground not your lower back. It is a fine line between strong lift and weakening lift.
supplements include Omega 3's, proper enzymes to break down proteins and a good percentage of greens in the diet.
Believe me, I likes me gravy and biscuits but enough is enough.

Today is is black beans and rice with salad on the side. You can add an egg to this plate, they are very good together.

Anastasia's Black Bean Soup

one bag organic black beans
wash and soak while you prep the veg..
chop one onion
4 cloves garlic
4 stalks of celery
saute till soft and tender
add cumin 1 teaspoon
salt pepper
red sweet pepper powder
cayenne (just a dash)
one whole ancho chili
2 bay leaves
keep stirring till the green smell from the spices goes away..about 3 minutes..
Now add the back beans but discard the water they were soaking in first
pour enough water to cover the whole thing ( I use a big stock pot )
Let it come to a boil and then turn it down to a simmer..
about 2 hours of cooking time.

Make some rice and a nice green salad and you have a wholesome meal that provides a nice range of nutrients that are easily processed by your body.

Delish with any flat bread!

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