Saturday, January 14, 2012

dang shebang

I just came out my shop after making a shampoo bar.
You know, I dwell on things for months, review, get more ingredients, scheme and finally the day comes when I make the fat block of fat...
I normally work with a simple yet astonishing soap formula which always finishes smoothly and without any real disasters.
Working with castor oil is a far cry from that. The soap traced in 30 seconds and let me tell you, if I weren't so excellent at "prep", the finish would have resulted in a rock hard piece of nerd soap with out smell.
I poured in the emollient oils first, cranberry seed oil and black raspberry oil, working fast I threw in the holy basil, a few drops rose geranium, and a splash of lemongrass.
I barely folded everything in the beast and finally in the nick of time was able to smash it in the mold.
I wonder if it will turn out ok.
On top of this boulder; I had a scalded vinegar, with a bit of jasmine wax and Himalayan salt which I poured on top. It soaked right in. It is now in gel phase and I will most likely cut this tonight. I might have to carve it in order to rightfully sell it, heh, heh!

Holy basil is very nice to me right now. Maybe it is because she allows me to shed shame, guilt and whatever other crap holds me back and enter through a spellbindingly confident door which exalts me through every thought.
Maybe it is because she inspires my higher mind and I can see from ten feet high.

What do you think the about black raspberry seed and cranberry seed oils?
They're bitchin' that is what!
I can detect a fruity vibration among the fatty acids! i also got a blackberry seed oil which is so black, actually a deep green but so intensely lovely. I am buying a pound, that is how much I like it. I did not put any of that in the shampoo bar because I only have a little and it is for my face. I took a hot bath and then put it on all over. It goes on and the it disappears. The fatty acids with these small seed oils have the ability to penetrate all the layers of your skin.
Wow~ everything IS going our way:)

The moon is in Virgo today so watch what you say
you don't have to proove you are right and think hard without oversight
be sensible and with grace
and smile at everyone you face

I smell holy basil all over me :)


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