Sunday, January 29, 2012

been dropping things

dreaming like crazy, always in a crowd and having to account for my children or my family somehow.
I am also loosing various common things just out of the blue..
where are my keys? Oh yea, I put them there because...
Neptune is rumbling some things I would think
That and Pluto doing things behind the scenes which will cause rashes and hair loss if you nurture grief too long!
My children in my dream reflect all my various affairs, like work, my business, each of my children's various issues, my grandson and my brother's kids too.
I am Thia in the family or Tashoula, course Mom!
I have had various names in my life like; Anne, Ana, Anastasia, stashi (6th grade, I was crushed, and now Stashe at my 'worldly" work.
Someone there said, "all the world is a stashe" heh, heh..

Now that Neptune is leaving Aquarius and staying in Pisces a good long time, there is more dreaming. Remember that one who is actively accounting for one's dreams makes for a smarter person. I think it sparks certain aspects of your brain which can hone in on more information.
There will be new ways in which we show our art. Our creations will be grand and showing us what has been brewing in the stellar nursery in our minds.:)
There will be a weeding out of some wrong doers be their addictions of jealousy, greed, and ego trash, the time is now to reckon with your own truth and own up to who you are and not some scared dummy in the corner crying because you didn't get the red lolly pop totally ignoring the violet one which is offered in that other direction you refused to look to because you carried a bag of judgement about looking any other way.
Now turn your head, breathe in willingness to change and grow and breath out forgiveness and release anger. Focus on the task at hand and don't think harsh thoughts and you wont convey them..
ah yes.that energy thing again.

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