Thursday, March 1, 2012

witching hour

well, if I can't sleep, I will get up, drink water, make coffee, talk to ya'll and do a yoga pose or two and then meditate a little before work.
Mars in Virgo, so much to do, and little time for foolish endeavors!
That is why I must be diligent, stay focused and be prepared for adrenalin rushes.
That is why I bought some breathable sportswear..seems like hot clothes get me all flustered right now. It is like an orgasm gone bad!
My hot flashes are about one a day at work upon arrival of the first hour there.
Then as I get used to the pace and feel of the day, I am good.

March 1'st..oohoooo!
Happy Birthday Pisces Mamma, my cousin Lea, Walter and your little one, Kirk, my sweet Jack, and lovely Ben,stellar streak Matt, super amazing Mystic Medusa and whoever else I might encounter that brings me Pisces goodness:)

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