Sunday, March 1, 2015

lime vetiver coming up

I love vetiver. Most people do not.
Except us!!!

When you grow to love its rooty rootiness, you can learn more about mixing things with vetiver, which are always sublime, smooth, soft and powdery..all of it!

I love the vetiver in the old whore with her secret jasmine notes to bring out the kundalini in all who partake.
She loves fun, is another thing..almost scorpionic in that she is shrewd and keen all over the place! That blend is the old whore with a top grassy note of geraniums and lavender somewhere in the mix.
I have a friend and lover of oils who does vetiver and patchouli so fine! Vetiver with rose and cacao, we have something else altogether.

You know, I get all like which perfume this and what perfume that and then always go back to what is real and what is good.
So, that is it..I am perfect, ha ha ha

Lets us talk about fragrance and how bad some of them are. You know, some dumb jerk has to wear a bottle of some fake or at least half fake perfume and we are all gasping for air. Also, they ruin it for all of us. Essential oils do not poison your brain and cause old ladies to faint because they cannot handle all the smells!
You get one bitter bitch in the office who says she hates patchouli and you can have chaos! I know..I had one who was working at my store out of Chicago..she was hateful and rude.
She and I were gonna butt heads one way or another, that was for sure! She always had some snide remark or another and then one day, we met in front of the deli and as I was scoping out the cheese, she said, "oh, you are wearing that patchouli, aren't you?"
"yea, why, what is your problem?" I loomed over her because she was shorter than me , like Rick did with that cannibal  in Walking Dead! I went to her manager and said, I did not come to work to be harassed by bitter people.
She was soon gone and never to be heard from again. Turns out, she was mean to every body and not just me. **note to self.."do not grow old and bitter"
Some old hags stay around forever and torment everyone with their out dated opinions about life and our earth..oh but because they have tenior, they get to be daughter has a teacher like that right now.
I tell her to just deal with because those types never stay with us long. And no, you cannot kick them in the ass for being mean.:)

In a small office it can be a real problem with the perfumes. And yes we have every right to say something. I have one customer who is really sick from it. Her complaints go unresolved because no one cares about her at bank of america. I am not saying we should argue. I mean, if you love patchouli and wear it often, you smell of patchouli lingering. The haters cannot control everything! I would rather have that than some fancy bottled perfume giving me a head ache.

I do not know how to help my friend at the observatory. She is  dealing with a senior who has decided to hate every smell, all of them! No more vanilla, patchouli or passionfuit..none, nada, zilch!
I'd be like all in her face and try to teach her some manners..I do not care if she is a PHd!  I bet she doesn't smell all that great! Doesn't she use some cream or another to soften her skin? She must be dry, very dry!
Sometimes, it is no use. Not everyone is wonderful and worthy of us. LOL

It is snowing here and not that cold. The  smell of vetiver and frankincense from mixing and a good cup of coffee is brewing right up. It is all good between us.
Have a wonderful day.

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