Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is art and Walking Dead, "Conquer" review and Spoilers

it has to be pretty
invoke a feeling
make  you feel good not bad but hurt a little
and push you a bit


All  talk of hell and damnation is silliness to justify what they can keep and how many people they enslave. It is what is its, you know, slavery. A bunch of zombies walking in to a truck or building to produce something for greedy boredom.

It seems to me, we should all strive to be artists and never forget who we are. Pagan, my ass, yes we are though. Spring and Easter together in one one myth??    
It is the same idea.we know that, we are drawn to it by our body's  blood, filled with just enough  iron. Breathing and pulsating through our skin attracting forces beyond our knowledge..at this moment..but the next generation of cells will have an imprint and carry it forward with each season as the sun warms us..we become brighter.
who am I a philosopher?
 I want to work with them. I would make soap for Andrew and massage Norman on the feet. and just work on the set..

I want to talk about Conquer..how Rick is so awesome and how he has inspired such loyalty in his group that they protect him while he is sleeping.
Michonne, waiting for him to wake up and when he did , he was like.."ah  I lost my shit"
"I am not sorry about what I said." and then in the end  he had to.. he shot  in the crazy drunk Pete in the head. It is what Rick does and, what we are going to get between him and the Ninja, Morgan?
I got so excited when the beginning ..dude!! It was was best thing you hear me!
A staff is all that guy needs. he was all kung fu. I loved it. I suppose he is a vegetarian too?:)
"hail to martial arts"
So,  I am pretty happy about "Conquer". I am not happy that they made me wait so long for the next thing.
Season Six..
 Rick has the ability to attract  what he needs in the group. each one of them a part of the whole fitting in to a proper group of archetypes.
The vile priest who lives breaths the word and in his acts he follows cowardice and selfishness.
He cannot accept himself..who cares..he is fear.
Carol the schemer and real slinky.Ricks protector to the finish.
I feel like she could make a few more friends than Rick and a little boy.
Daryl and Aaron, great scouts. can we get Aaron some new clothes?

Pete is dead,by Rick's hand.
the town all got to see why and Morgan shows up with Daryl and Aaron.
It doesn't seem like much on paper but it is.
I love the path the writers took. Also that zombies are dangerous and you have to kill them. But what is this virus that has humans dying this way?
clearly it cannot happen.. the brain being  capable of accepting an organism which uses the host to feed on other living creatures?
The most odd danger that crops up in this new version of humanity, is the out cropping of dangerous Villains who would kill you and take your things. They make more zombies??
Who does that?
Fucking skunk asses!
I mean with that face and such skills, why? I am talking about that guy in the beginning..:)
Greedy much?
ok..what happens when Rick and Morgan get to work together?
I am excited.

Deanna, her son, last minute telling the priest to shut the zombie door..and he just slides it just half ass like an 11 year old would! Then Rick is like,  "what the hell and yea, zombies, dummies!!
"hey, who left the door unlocked?"
Sasha could have been handy for that but she was too busy wanting to die..oye and praying with the priest over both of them wanting to die.
The son, he is like,
"oh, yea, sorry, I had to come back to the house to play video games, ma"
In Rick's world, there are no in betweens. We saw the way he ran down the police man back in Atlanta. He is that man, Rick is! He knows if you are good or bad more than most folks. I rather like that.
 Morgan will and can be there to offer alternatives. They have already shown us that he says life is precious and he is not a killer of humans, he just knocks them out and teaches them a lesson... And yes, I would love to see Morgan and Michonne spar, with wooden swords.
I would. I am so excited about next season!
"hail to martial arts"

Sasha is going to come back strong, I feel it, plus (the actress) she will be having or have had a baby by next season.
I want her to get over the agony and be swell, I do. I mean yes she lost everything. Okay, they all did. Now stay alert dammit and quit wasting ammo.
Then again, she isn't. she has been cleaning up.
This will be a great help when they face these bad wolves..damm gangs!
I think they have met their doom which will open a new door towards and new villain??
Keep writing.
Rick  he is like, "sasha, show them"
and she aims and shoots at maximum precision..
I love it! Remember that, when that happened?
Glen, my Glen. I almost thought he was dead, but I knew since I did not see him die, he would not be dead..How?
I don't care, I am glad he is still with us.
Glen is all about reaching an understanding with Nickolas about motives and lies and schemes get people killed needlessly!
Rick and Michonne and Daryl hiding guns, Rick and Michonne being open with each other.
I hope next season, they pass those babies out.
No secrets no lies..we always work together to protect through harmony and strength through mind invoking, inventing, and always getting smarter not the other way..always better.

Here is what you need during a zombie outbreak on earth.
a knife
a machette
a bat would do
a staff and daily practice..
a gun near by
constant diligence on your kin
constant mindful
learning skills
lighting a fire..a must

What else? Build tree houses?
of course..a tree house but like a 100 square foot one, like they have on tv. You's have to travel to a solar store to get supplies

I was wondering about Judith, it turns out she is fine with Carl...Carl in the tree trunk
That was so dumb..sheesh,.

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