Friday, May 1, 2015

Diigin it


It doesn't look like much yet but it is a start.
The soil will be drenched with compost  before I plant any thing else.
So far it is snap peas and some onions are creeping out:
I'm so happy right now about the garden patch!

I love dirt.
There is a whole lot of weeds to sort out if it too! Just like life and people and just like a garden patch, you get to work it and change it within your abilities and the passing of time. At first you don't see them, then they creep out and you have to work hard to get them out of your way. The weeds ..())) 

Breathing and thinking about how thankful I am to have such awesome people around me and this awesome place I can dig, like...
My soapies and my fams and  all the flowers.
Springtime is the best.

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