Thursday, January 12, 2017

a little bit rest

Inventory and and clean up and wipe down.
You do this as to invite more goodness to come in. More money
Oh, it is going to come in and do you know why? Make the way
clean the hearth
wipe down the plate to serve things on..
say things to someone who is wrong in a gentle way
don't be foolish
don't be greedy
unless it is for my soap :)
You deserve everything good
you already have everything good
you are made of every same spec of inverse as anyone else
you do not have to suffer
you deserve all the best things for you

yes, bad things happen
they will be fixed

Here is my best thing I want to live by..
wake up, say hello, think of my loved ones, you, , think of momma, dad and my boys, be so proud of my powerful daughters, my very powerful work mates..I am enriched with high thinking if not quirky lovers and friends. and then, work work work and work some more work to make my heart be satisfied that I did my best..

I am going to tell you something...
Why all the cancer, huh?
I have never seen the likes of a whole new slew of that stuff..
Is it the spray they put on the grass? The chemical fertilizers, the constant seeking for doctors to cure and take more radioactive pictures of perfect normal body parts?
I think so.
my doctor,
"have you had a mammogram?"
"no, I am fine!"
He smiles.."can I have a drop of your blood?"

There are other criteria to getting sick, you notice things, your stress factors when aging, your family, your unsatisfied tolerance of bad lovers, stressful job, friends who just need you to save them..
This is the time you should back down and spend some time alone, do your own thing and study hard as to be always able to stand on your own two feet and by the way, they do not always have to be spread apart in the
 You do not just go take radioactive ex rays for no reason but to search for bad things..again, know your body. It could be such a thing as your immune system is gearing need less things as you age.

There are other criteria to getting sick besides poisons in the contaminated earth. I do notice though that the stress of being beautiful gets to some.
Aging gracefully is what I want..fuk off with your fat lips and heels like a whore..they mean nothing to me.
why all the heart burn?
I told one lady that sometimes stomach issues are about how you digest your life and your family who by the way and I am talking  the old parents, like in the 70' 80's..they will never accept your ideas..they do not want to. It has been ingrained in them for generations that it would be an affront to their god..
such utter ignorance..
you must follow your heart. Be kind and say things and each word may pass on some and then one time and then two,  a word gets in and they see your point. that is honor..kind gentle poking..dancing, singing, saying what is on your mind. It is the best!!!
People are happy when they have food, nice clothes and water, music, a nice bed, dancing with a child.
Why do you think the young Iranians are waiting for those old war mongering farts to die? They want music too and to dance. Sadly they were just shipped a shit load of uranium, why do they need that so now they can blow up that whole fucking continent in the name of their war mongering god who is always pissed? They have done  nothing but destroyed towns and cities and then among their ashes they build a hotel..Who is going to go? Yea, right! No one! Because, you could be sipping a nice tea on the veranda and all of a sudden a bunch of men in a truck, with guns, they drive by yelling about the god and in his name. I watched it on something with Anthony Berdaine when he made that lamb dish and one really ate. they could have been blown up and dead which is most likely why they were not that hungry..I would eat his lamb!
ha ha

There is a lady who is so so soo blessed. She comes in the store and she is so so blessed and she closes her eyes and says how lucky she is because she uses high ph water only on her face which she refers to as "acid water" lol. She always wears a hat even when it is raining to avoid any of the sun's rays.
She will say it like 5 times in a sentence and each time I cringe a little.
"acid woatah"
ha ha ha
she always tells me how blessed she is. she is dainty like a southern bell and was once pretty very very pretty and she is 70 ish..yes she is blessed..she gets to eat kale and her organic bone broth and she gets to use acid water on her face (cringing) and she has no clue about El Salvador and how they are so hungry and live in tiny hovels and they are not us..not as blessed I suppose. they can start a fire in a rain storm though.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to those people in a zombie apocalypse..they would be the first food for the zombies! When all you are worried about is measuring your food intake so you can be perfectly thin and perfectly ageless, and have experienced nothing more than maybe an ocean cruise..yea, zombie food.

Wake up, say hello, good morning, have a good day and work work work..

Now I am hungry!

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