Friday, January 6, 2017

my friends and loves and those who think for themselves

Thank you for telling it like it is and if you are someone who has been here a long time like me, you are bound to have one or two funky experiences..I am so bad at funky, I am like a three year old crying because he is so tired but won't go to sleep.
One of my loves told me this,
"it is only the best when you make it for you, when you make other's recipes you are not happy"

It is true, so dang true. What am I  to do? Make the best things for me or simply follow what you might expect? Am I projecting in error, likely. Am I thinking that everyone feels as I do and expect that to be true? I do hope so:) every time, I pour that intention in a soap cream and stir as if it is the best cake in the universe..super nova sized intentions...
I do what the conditions allow me to do and make.
When it comes to soap I do, I suppose. When it comes to criteria I expect in my home for example..
For soap though, I like to think that I am always growing and developing as need be.
If I am making a soap cake, and batch after batch it is not the is all dependent on all sorts of factors. the weather during growth, the heat and rains, the soils and the effects of distillations from year to year. It all matters in the final thing. It is fat transformed and one cannot expect that to remain the same. I am using a rather dark olive oil at the moment, almost black and so the colors of the soaps will be more in the gray tones and dark greens..I like it because, it is a nice blend of actual olive oil that I also cook with. This adds to the quality and feel of my products. I hope that you know that which is why you use my products..yes? Thank you :)
I do not care to conform to trivial changes. I do care to be precise on healing ingredients. More than I have ever been because to me the effects of the final wash must be a trans formative satisfying delight. To force outcomes may bring disappointments and our lives and in our skin care. I think that me projecting and guiding is the way it is. My customers must be allowed and for sure to allow themselves to enjoy what is given and not look for minor ingredient errors..silliness..
and smart..I will be more precise on the list..and here is where must work this next year, this year.

I am a crafter, soap witch and healer. I do  know that and sometimes I get a stomach ache from knowing too much about people. You have it too? I know you do. It is called "me and you being smart"!

Going forward, I have to make more old whore soap..sigh..
I am waiting for rose and neroli and some really smooth vetiver. I have awesome labdanum and some really nice oak citrus will be blood orange and bergamot..I am so excited about it because I sold my last bar the other day and have felt the loss of having her around for that special body wash
that lingers oh so beautifully.
I will make a balm for a gorgeous  fresh gift with each purchase of old whore soap..Our life is very good babies, do not forget  how proud I am to have you in my life, you are wonderful and a high thinker and never drag me down with judgements..I am fine, you are so so fine!

I am also making a jasmine based soap.. jasmine, citrus, deep amber notes, beeswax absolute, linden blossom,,it has its place, jasmine. It is nice for us who are at times afraid of our sexuality and the deeply subtle changes that happen in our bodies..mmmm jasmine is sex in so many ways.

I need to meditate on her for a while..simmer her ideas in  to my cells and then finally pour it all in fat! My life is good for that!

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