Friday, January 13, 2017

everybody is talking about what is new

I am not ready and I do not want to rush but I have outlined some new ideas about sprays to come...

I am very fond of that mandarin oil at ananda apothecary (my tonie found that) and today I received a new sample from sunrose aromatics..(always a treat)
that neroli she has is something at sunrose..expensive and  worthy of you! I would always invest in a secret oil for myself now and then. Like white lotus and his Hawaiian sandalwood..nice, yo! Really nice.

Anyhow one can see where I am headed.. I think we need a frankincense neroli spray with mandarin or grapefruit or a little bergamot or everything in between..I love citrus in February.

The other thing is a patchouli with sage and cedarwood and then I think lime or some wonderful note on top!

Patchouli  and Maychang with its verbena notes and lemony herbal goodness. I love maychang, litsea cubebaba. It is a close to verbena I could get with  out breaking the bank.
I will put some beeswax absolute in it to kind of give you a taste of summer.

They are going to be so cute and affordable at..8.88 each! The one with neroli, maybe a bit will be worth it!

If you will please note, that all the new sprays will not be the same as the others you you may have bought and treasured before.

Nothing stays the same..your own memories are changing right now. I am going to remember about my wonderful home, always somewhere I have loved. I love this house too, so much. It is cold in here all winter on those really cold mornings, it gets strangely frozen and the house can't get warm enough. We make it through with sweaters because it is safe and sound and I love it. I am thinking about a stove however, we are talking renovation galore and one never knows, it could happen. I would tile this whole place so that I could take a hot hose if I wanted to and scrub it down from top to bottom. :)
Even tile has its draw backs.
I would remember about how I loved my garden last year and how I loved each flower as it bloomed and then that makes me think of chamomile and blue tansy..mmmmm yarrow, and sweet lavender.

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