Monday, January 16, 2017

run away from fake amber and stop disgracing aromatherapy

I hope that you already know how bad those perfumes are for you. I hope you do. And Young Living, thank you for disgracing aromatherapy by feeding extra oils down people's gullet so that you can waste rare and beautiful things while making a loads of money and rapping the minds of housewives everywhere for when they finally leave your web of money grabbing whores,  they are left with no more learning than and child learning to read a school book.
Good things take time, learning about oils is a life time.

After a weekend of the masses buying and talking and asking  the old white guy who has to argue about the 24 ounces to 32 ounces of brands and their weights and measures and the girl with the boils and the man with acid and the lady who yelled at the desk about the peanuts (not kidding) and why  her son was not given cash, no receipt though so no cash..the boy goes out to the car and then she comes in..ha ha
big beautiful dark skinned momma with a big mouth and a bad attitude..dang man..they gave her the peanut money and made it good but she had to complain for 30 minutes about another store where she frequently returns everything after she east some of it ))) and wants only cash back..
It is all about money and she is all about fraud but who cares in the end. It is just peanuts which you should have eaten, so few they were! It is not the peanuts okay!
It is her need to be entitled and special over the peanuts and each time she brings them back!
You know what I would do if that happened the "one" time?
Yes, I would say, "no soap for you, now we are done. Buy that other stuff with the shiny soy bean oil"

You either love the food or you don't. If you don't, then do not waste everyone's time yelling how you want someone fired because of your peanuts. lol..funny stuff
By the way, It is not a race thing, It is fraud and entitlement mixed in with anger over having to pay a bill on that coat you're wearing or you just maybe always learned to yell at people trying to do their job and run a computer so they can weigh and measure your peanuts. It is just peanuts, right?
Maybe if she was not so immersed in showing all her church friends how amazing she is with that coat, the heels, the black stockings, the good boy by her side..he was makes people mean, I say! On Sundays the people are all riled up between 1 and 4..after four they have had some wine or pot so it is better...
When you work in retail like this, there is a line as a worker that you cannot cross and it is always about satisfying the customer. I do not see the drama most days and always say why something is not available and no I cannot order it for you, just because you saw it one of articles you  were reading on line while looking at dresses or shoes or boots, I love boots. All day with the phone calls with the weirdest requests!
"do you have ayahuasca?
"yes, let me just get that for you from peru..ass!"

Now that I have almost shed the outside world..:)
I am so glad I do not have to ever do that with any of my customers. I mean, yes, people have had small issues, the worst being when I started etsy and made shipping mistakes, my bad, or 1% of all of my orders will get lost, broken and leak. It happens  in all business.  I always fix what can be fixed. I always send extras, and show that this is something made with care and art and where real magic of brain matter sparkling with nucleic acid to make strings of lit of electric fast traveling messages through the brain triggering future thoughts building new areas of recognition of the next thing..
That there is real aromatherapy..we should call it atom a therapy!