Wednesday, January 18, 2017

wrinkle creams and angelna jolie

She has a new skin care product that is currently totally sold out and just now in stock.
If you buy it you will look like those pictures on the computer. Before After. I look great always by the way and do not rely on 12 geese and coyote for my status coat this winter. it is 40* out there you do not need that much
Looking good though..hmn...
I am sure she did not look that good after they removed both her breasts because she did not want to get cancer..I bet she looked rough. We all have. You know that.
I am sad for her beyond words and happy for her.
Now the collagen cream and all its benefits. The miracle cure, the temporary hyloronic acid and the reality that your skin will sag no matter what, that is all a lie..the miracle part is.
of course try other people's skin care, not just mine:)
I personally think it is all hype and the real you comes out. I do not know the real Angelina. I thought she was a peace worker and all that.
Where do you think collagen comes from? It is a dead animal if you must know and ranks out there with emu oil said to cure anything, make you strong and prevent cancer.
I tell you it is sad that people value things and are still, so unsatisfied. I think she cannot possibly be that smart then?
I just thought she seemed smart. I guess one needs money to cheat and to the masses like a dirty whore?
Anyhow the tabloids are all there just to make us yearn for unreal adventures. why do you think all the porn?
I am saying one thing here if anything, that we must learn to value real arts and real knowledge not what value our shoes or our  coat has. It has value but are you happy?
Are you really content?
For that stuff, I am good. For the more part, yes I will be content.
Am I content? Hmn...
I hope not.
I hope I always yearn always for more  for really good things.
I hope that I will always look out at the waves of light always traveling outwards and in in my, our reflection through our eyes. It is amazing!
I can't explain it. It is real and it is big and the way I know it is I can kind of understand real chemistry a little more now and I can kind of understand how elements come together to form everything.
Can a collagen molecule with as a bunch of hyaluronic acid in it pass though all five layers of skin and bond with enough peptide chains to actually form better collagen bonds  on the skin? Sure, sure!
(the answer is no)
Angelina, keep putting all that crap on your skin or the masses, you soak in some  dirty bath bomb from Lush and then worry about cancer! Are you crazy?
remember when we loved Lush. if a bath bomb turns your water purple and bright yellow, it is bad. bad..very bad.
 The only reason I stumbled upon the miracle cream it is that I was lured to read an article about their divorce. My bad..they got me.
It was nothing more that another skin care line to make money. Collagen creams! That is why they come in asking for it at the store so much.
Here we go then. We will sell thousands!
shea butter hyaluronic acid, collagen and I don't know what other things. I bet it is an alcohol serum like thing though..yuk
I like to read their ingredients.
It is few things batched in to a big liquid carrier and then whipped in to a cream in big vats at nice temps and then they add some poly hexa tetra hyleronic acid or make emulsions..there is steric acid, and too many other emulsifiers to list.
who cares!

Olive oil, it is a beautiful serum all on its own!

Did you try my rose cleanser with olive oil yet? It is so nice man!
I made a small batch and then put a little bees wax which has just the right amount of fatty acids to emulsify organic olive oil. It is so rosy and will remove all the make up. We should always have this.
I like it more on a dry face. I have used it with hot hot water as well.
Rose is so amazing. I think natural skin care is both perfect and the perfect way to pass nutrients in the skin without any chemical intrusions. Rose has many many benefits.

heart warming
anti inflammatory

If you want collagen on your skin, go ahead. I know it will not do anything any other grease would do.

Eat right if you want nice skin. Too much restaurant food is a fuk of a way to nurish.
Eat real food made by your hand. If you do not know how to cook. learn to eat more simply.
Salad is cheap.
Everything is about your intentions, your skin shows it. Does it glow?

It is winter, it is likely needing a nice face it is my turn to show you the whore's ways!
happy gelee skin care treatment


  1. I love love love this rose gelee set!! ❤❤❤

    1. isn't it nice? I even bought one for myself :)
      xxx I am glad you got one. There are only two left. People will want that one back. It is expensive to make..we will see. thank you baby!