Friday, January 27, 2017

don't forget about what is best in life

You are and no one are because inside you that voice is who you really are.

It is an amazing thing the conscious mind and the out side mind
Wouldn't it be nice if they were in unison? It happens, that is why some people get whatever they want just by willing it. No, not in an instant..everything takes time planning, working, thinking..

I hope your secret thoughts are healthy
helpful to others
helpful to loved ones
on point
inside your mind  on other words don't lie to yourself, you are not in the "best" club, Earth is a little blue rock, there are so many more like us..we will never actually meet but we will be able to send our consciousness! That  is a long way away and hopefully the human race can get over these bullshit fantasies and accept everyone and we all work towards a better healthy green living planet and the Gaza strip is just one aspect of real estate, nothing more. who ever lives there lives there. Russia open, all war want higher thoughts where we are actually loved by god. make war go away, make babies healthy always, make mothers free to have love and respect and get it through your head there are no virgin births. Fairy tales are no way to live life! It puts all women at number two, that is when the trouble starts. :)

There was prayer I read long ago from Yogananda, who I loved for years..Did he help me stop the bad that flooded like the blood torrent  going though the doors in The Shining? was his words that helped me cope. Truth!
I was like, "WTF God, I did all this and you give me hypocrisy and evil, wtf??"
It was not enough meditative breathing to suit him I suppose. People like to call it "karma"..
this one guy  who loves eastern philosophy loves to call it "karma"..
Look we are not tested by a divine force to see if we choose wisely..we are that force..we always were that force. actions equal outcomes..

We are made in stars..truth..stars take billions of years to make themselves and make rocks hold together in the vast dark void..we are made of calcium, silicon, sulfur and gold, all produced by stars only..the biggest ones make gold, they all make iron which is our blood..iron kills them as soon as they make it at the end of their lives..All of those things and here we are thinking intelligent beings radiating heat taken from our parent star. and why stay with stuck small concepts when there is that going on right now and always? I do not know..but Yognanda always said we are everything..
"we are everything, thou art everything" Or, "thou art everything, I am everything." Yes you are everything.
I should say, yogananda got me though a bunch of though times. They were tough because I did not understand or have enough courage to stand on my own thoughts until now and thoughts that are molded by me and not people who are looking over my shoulder making sure I use the right ones.
Too much trust in god and lazy mind...
Some one on line said I was a satanist because I said that Satan was a christian deity and for that I was a satanist and headed towards hell of all hell..
lol rawrrrrrrhhaaaa
Yea, give me more fairy tales that will always exceed any sort of logic!
I told her I am not and she is not in any sort of position to assign my leadership, be it spiritual or otherwise. I told her to accept that the Satan she hates and adores so much for me is not my problem. I almost laid in  but let it go at that now. How can she not see that her actual accusations are filled and oozing with hate?
People, always yelling like angry monkeys!
 I follow my mom, my dad, my boys, my awesome girls and my own heart in matters that must be faced with calm steel god iron? No, but nucleic acid is likely involved and the brain and some sort of dark web and it is cold and ..oh man..

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