Thursday, January 26, 2017

what are we fighting for and Madonna does not represent me

This is the best time for us and we are still  yelling. I am not saying you should not go and make a point. I find that too many people trashing a city is something that must be noted. Also yelling and being pissed whilst jetting to and fro with your leather gloves and your southern wonderful chill life where you do not struggle each day to work for the food and the lights.
Yea, they are so mad and want to say, "here we are and we are mad."

Why though? Why are we mad? I feel like this is the best time for me as a woman. I am smart and capable so why would I  be too mad at the system?
I am not mad at the system which should be us but after thousands of years of kings and rulers we are always looking to have a savior who thinks like us..does he really? The better question, why are so fucking lazy as to even consider a leader? There always will be one. Some of us are in the back and there is plenty going on and many of us here...up front, there will always be lies and tretury..I am speaking metaphorically here.

Are we channeling hate instead of working for better good? Maybe a little because that is  what happens when we get pissed off long enough. When we get beaten for many years and finally break free to a place and time where beating on girls and women  is not fuking cool and you go to jail! hail to the jail that holds the woman beaters!
There was a time not long ago when we could not even wear pants because those powers that be said "NO"..why? Well you know, god, good, clean, fake, big house, shoes, heels, pop culture, pop corn,  gourmet pop corn..kale, moringa, jojoba, uggs, pizza, cheese, brie, tripple cream oozing delice', oh man...we have it fuking hard don't we Madonna?

There was this one time my shoes broke as I was headed to  catch the bus 6 miles away so I could make enough money for beans and  rice for the week. I was half way down and pop, was rainy season and raining already. I showed up  wet disheveled and looking rather bleak, and my rich client in the gated community thought lower of me for the look. he said, "por dios, anastasia, que passo?" he asked why I didn't just buy a pair of 5 dollar sandals in town. I told him, I did not have time but it was really because I ran out of money days ago while my Buddhist( or what ever he was) ex meditated on the veranda. yea, pretending you are good is not fun when your shoes break I guess!
"oh..let's see, how will my kids eat for the next few days? God will provide, I will go meditate"
weeks later "grrr"
It adds up..the disdain for laziness, which I really seem to have..being lazy myself in so many ways.

There was a time we could not even talk to our mom about sex or boys or everything has changed and for the better. Sexuality has taken a strange turn..I am learning to be gracious and always say to my children..YOU'RE GOING TO FUKING HELL IF YOU HAVE SEX ANY OTHER WAY!!" LOL
"Look,I don't care how you have sex, as long it is not down by the river with the  heroin, you study hard and make momma money so I can retire and make soap and stuff"

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