Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 and all that is now

Happy New Year!

While everyone is busy saying good bye to 2016 and claiming how bad it is was and should be done with and can't be done with..

I would like to express my complete and total gratitude for a nice year, great kids (most of em)), my mom and dad, the house, my house, the broken dryer..
I get to work at an exciting place, I get to work with with really nice people and I will say this , that is nice nice nice.:)
I am challenged in so many ways. I strive to learn and get better with each task. My prep times for soap are spot on, prep, create, clean up and dry wipe for the next day..soap making...something I can whip together or plan for years and years..
Like the calendula soap I just made. rare, one of a kind and forever the only one you will own..why? Not only is calendula expensive in this form, and not only have I put all of it in there and finally after years and years let it go in to a creamy dense batter of fat..It was glorious in the sense that one can hold on to stuff and look at it or take glory in the moment and use what is now for now..

Even soap can be is. You can tell by the kind of people that use essential oils and how they want to use them. For health and holistic lifestyles or for another thing some one sold to you in their living room.."living" room...ha ha ha
Get a book, really study and then we can talk. Eating oils is wasting oils..stop..remember when I got so mad over rhassoul? Now it is not enough that we have salt to eat from the Himalayas, we need lamps and  chairs to sit on made of salt..ohhhh :)
Can you imagine a huge salt bath tub made of Himalayan pink salt?
How many of those could there ever be? One? The lamps though, they sell like hot cakes! By the thousands!
It is crazy how the masses are.
They want happiness and contentment. everybody does.
Don't they?

The past.....
It seems like so much hard work all this intrigue and haste and clandestine rumors on line and on line pictures of strangers..Logan's Run anyone? None of it is too real so the guilt is not as bad until some looser who lost his head in pride dives even deeper in to debauchery and attacks little girls or young boys..hence the "sex offender".
Mohamed had a wife at 9 years old and he is a saint to many on earth today . Are they sex offenders,  the masses too dumb to see the ruse set forth by their own greed and false self worth? Does it trickle down, each word and each action you take? What you withhold from people you love?
Some might find themselves to be the creeper, ready to pounce on the weakest person in their life because that is the only way they can stand to be alive or something?

I do not know..I wonder at the audacity of it all. and yet time ticks, and some of us, you and me, we  are here and we know what is real and hardy and tasty and a good. I feel like you and me, we see stuff, and want the best things not just what we want..sometimes the best things hurt us. It hurts and we cry and then we still continue the next day.

cherish each task
take your time
be greedy for joy
be content that there is  always money in your bag
money comes easily
money is easy
money  loves you
do your good with money
2017 is wealth and money handling

2017 equals 1..begin by always prepping to begin