Saturday, January 28, 2017

perfect balance of vetiver and oakmoss and what happens next.

Work happens next. Work is money and things and a nice blanket at night.
Work is secret money stashed away. A secret job you had mentioned a year ago come real.
work is me and you working things out baby
work is us telling the truth
and being kind
it sounds a lot like love to me what do you think?

Vetiver is all about work. it is a grassy rooty and thick long frondy leafed beauty of the jungle. man has baked it, made paste with it and cultivated it way behind ginger and turmeric but in the same hot dry  to rainy climate. It is usually planted on hills to hold the rocks and dirt together so that they don't slide in the ocean with their food. It turned out the the thing they are using to support other things was just as valuable as the!
Vetiver has properties that demand attention to the mind. How shall  I say..
to me vetiver holds things together, so bones, skin, meat underneath. :)

Vetiver helps with muscle aches because it anti inflammatory properties. I will not go in to chemistry, Think how ginger might be soothing or is kind of like that.. Vetiver takes it a step further and brings a little more dirty good, we will say..dirty good.
I love vetiver alone, with oakmoss and with any citrus. I love vetiver and patchouli with oakmoss and rose and frankincense and opanax and labdanum and sandalwood..ambergris or musk? Oh must you?
I do not have any real musk.

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