Sunday, January 15, 2017

learning to rest

I t is hard because I am one of those people who is very much like one of those big giant logs and it is on a rope and  when you begin swinging it back and forth, it takes momentum and once that momentum is well set, it is very slow in slowing down again. Unless of course January and the season changing and how the cold forces us to rest and take reprieve away from talking and debates about daily life..
It  is normal life, you deal with it, you don't just cry all day about the fuks who torment themselves and then try to lie their way out of their own lies.
Do not control outcomes and learn to love yourself.
It is the only way I have learned to survive in the out there world.
Believe me, I work with the public and when you are dealing with the high turn over of a retail store, it means many people cross your path and some of them will suck!
they are not raised right. :)
There is one girl I hear about goes through a fifth of vodka every night..she will die or is everyone around her I care about. The stress she causes to all the others who have to live with her and watch the sickness take over.

Or the lady who had cancer who only used prayer and any cheap vitamin to cure herself..I told her, it was not enough to pray and she did not want to talk to me any more. She died, yo!
I am not saying she did the worst thing. She id not want the hospital scene and chemo and all the drugs which almost if not totally kill you.
How about eating oils then, will that prevent cancer?
It might cause a reaction of some kind that you are not fully aware of. Plus the mucus membrane in your stomach can take only so much black pepper, cinnamon..and all the lemon oil you've consumed because Young Living has to make a lot of money disgracing aromatherapy in the meanwhile! I point was that in no time you have worn out your protective shield and then created a more acidic environment!
People are surprised when I say things. It does not always come from my intentions but somewhere deep in my mind buried there until it just had to come out like a light wave takes thousands of years to travel from the core of the sun to burst out of that fire ball and travel to us..
resting is nice, but not today..
work and thinking
maybe a nice song

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