Friday, January 20, 2017

my health no regrets

No one cares about is true:) lol my well being. They just assume I am good. I am.
Like they all think I am a machine and will live till 100 or some dumb crazy number. You never see a 100 year old being too active because by that time carrying around the meat suit gets heavy and you just can't do it.
I am fine by the way. yes, it has been interesting aging and well, I have to say, I am fine. my knees, my hip my boobs are fine, my foot, my heel my wonderful toes, my nose, still intense, my nose is. My heart, I feel the wave of any thing like a human. I am emotional when I see injustice.
I do not believe in salvation from anything..I do not believe in the power of god in a sense that he punishes, or gives bad karma. You should have no regrets. he should not either, he made us this way now he is bitching.:)
"oh god, here she goes!"
A girl who seems to like Greek boys and found out I'm Greek, she kept lingering and we were about to close..she had 5 minutes of my time...and we almost got in to it but, as I am always super right and found a way to titillate her, we carried on for a minute..I engaged because she engaged and it went good.
"do you think Greek men are promiscuous?"
I smiled.."yes, there is a culture of high infidelity rates among some the old testament to see why women are treated with such disrespect. Everything leads to the now and what we have become and what we are still becoming as womankind for reals.."
"I don't know what you are talking about, I am christian'"
"well then read the old testament and study why god is so pissed at women, so as to burn them, beat them and impose impossible standards which can never be met"

"thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"
I asked her, "who in their loving heart would say such a thing?"

"kill all the men and children but keep the young virgins for yourself"

If we would have still followed all the rules from the OCD men who just kept writing stuff and making more rules..well guess what?  (80% of people in jail are Christians..sorry that is true.)

"Okay then, we all should go back to that burning bush business and never rely on herbal medicine, pot, a good scotch, a tv show, that herbal soap you are holding right now, sex two times in a row and then the next day without performing rituals to cleanse yourself.. all those things would be blasphemy or witch craft and they are not.."
We all have our rituals..right?
Guess how many non religious people are in jail for bad crimes? 0.1 %

I am here to say
I have no regrets
over random mutant mistakes
or the way I comb my hair
over who I had sex with
and who I really had sex with
over the stupid purchases through the years and over my reaction when they turn my electric off
I cry of course
I cried when that guy who I really had sex with burned me so bad like any man god of his day would have
already in hate
already ready to strike at any mis thought
I escaped with my life

I have no regrets
I climbed that mountain over and over
and sang to the trees every day
I sing to the birds here now
I sing in my heart even at night when I sleep
I know because it rings in my ears in my half awake.
I am so happy to be me. I do not rage at my own heart like an imposed upon punishment.
I am free and it feels so good.
This is why I make is a way for me to impose on my heart the best most wonderful thoughts with sooth me, teach me and help me to change my mind..and actually run from evil which in its subtle form can drain you so fast that you become a slave to the one thing that is holding you back. Do not be a slave to things. Use things not people..use things for your good, not people for gratification..
It is why I write in this blog.
The real magical arts, the real wonderful things that make us tick and guess what..logic wins over burning a was mostly women, burned alive by Christians..why are we over looking such important details?
Now we get to hate Muslims and there is no more black president in
You know what I say when there is racist talk..
"god made everything so you have to love everyone"


children's song sung with a strut..

"I am walking in a jungle, I am not afraid."

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