Tuesday, January 10, 2017

what I like

I like clean white sheets and talks about philosophy not politics..
"mom you turn every discussion in to a bible reference!"
"that is because we've all been indoctrinated in such ways that have been ingrained in us since man could write and look what he told us!"
"kill anyone, anything that is not your god, and kill a witch in your home who
uses tonics and herbs to heal."
I mean really!
How do you expect me not to react!?

First off, chanting and secret words are powerful and you know that. So why are you so upset when a woman does it? Oh, you have to be the one to choose the words, don't you?
Second, if you are sick and I mean really really sick, do you go to church and pray for god, or try medicines, homeopathy, herbs, tonics, vinegar, pot..
Now there is something right there..with the drugs which you know, they will give you a known toxin that slowly kills you but pot, no no no..they freak out and put people in jail.
Why do they care so much about it?
Who are these "they"?
They are the people who are following god's laws interpreted in their own understandings and they carry on and lead your communities. In the 1910 to 1930's 40's..they taught creationism in schools as a lesson..this is not accurate and just ridiculous posturing for their gods but it effected how we do things here in the usa..circumcision for example is common in most hospitals today in order to mutilate your sons, our sons for god, for the state, for the community in case they see skin.."eewwweooo" they will say..humn..all for the lie that the genitals are not clean otherwise!
After all that, we die.
No matter what. What if your best loved one was hated by god because he sent him to his once bestie satan, to be tortured. You are in heaven and how can you be happy knowing your loved one is suffering. I do not see it.

 God and satan, they made a deal and becuase god, he did not could not kill him because he loves him still, why? Well, he loves him.
He can not stop even though he hates him, and blames and allows him  hurt the things he loves ( us??) over and over until he can Finally maybe sometime in this vast universe, say he is faking it. He has no real powers? Where is he, even Jesus said when he comes back to get even the stars will fall from the sky. He had no idea how stars work, we now do. Our star the sun is a star and it will expand and fry us back in to oblivion. Back to our simplest state.
There is one passage in the old testament where he (god) actually says he is satan and everything, everything, thou art everything and if my heart is pure and I beg enough, you will secretly come to me because you are shy aren't you? After all these years, after all the changes, after the mass extinctions and volcanoes blowing up and making  rocks and mountains and food for creatures that have long gone, you show up in the worst place on earth to punish because now you are pissed!
"Kill anyone who worships other gods because I am a jealous god"

Okay okay..I am just saying :)
and one more ting..

a wonderful man named Kurt hugs me and says happy new year and all that and then he went on a jesus little moment..he likes to be a missionary and it is actually his job.
He told me about how "jesus could have jumped off that cross and got even right then and there but no, he made the ultimate sacrifice by suffering the worst suffering one could at that time in history to prove his love for us and save us.."
Saved us huh?
I like him  so much and remember thinking those very same thoughts not 20 years ago. I do not anymore because I have learned about manipulation and deceit the hard way.
Look, when it goes from, "kill your son to prove you love me" to "look, how I killed my son to prove I love you!", yea, I say things.
Not to Kurt, not too much, he freaks out. He is so full of "god's love"!

How do you feel bout that? Am I a disrespectful, feminist bitch, nigger lover, fuking witch, old whore? (yes, I have heard all of those things yelled at me)
What kind of insults can you think of next to insult and torture someone you say you love no matter what..seems like the one you love no matter what runs the worst place in your universe and you gave him more power than your self to taunt and torture your things?
Can anyone please make up a new story where we can all be a part of  this rock we are on and where we work to make it pretty? I love flowers and old trees and seeds and bees and health the right way, the real way not garcinia cambogia and CLA..they do not work and your money should better spent.
You want the instant miracle that creationism proposes don't you now?
Nothing is instant..not one thing..the big bang is still right now happening..all true!

Time to clean the shop and my work space so that I can make room for all the oils of 2017.
More sprays?
More oils?
More fun fun yummy soap fat that are smelly?
Oh, yea..

build on
love everything

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