Thursday, January 19, 2017

I made some soap

It is still soft but came out nice. The oats with shea and lavender is potent and will be lavender throughout till it is done!
Sometimes I get an oil that does not please me and I make a soap and I still don't, or can't get in to its vibe.
I bought litsea cubeba from two different vendors. the first one smells so much  like citronella that I can not get past it. I will likely put that soap away for a while and make a new batch.
Do I hate citronella?
No, I just do not want it on my skin is all.:)
Then again, that spikenard beer soap was so stinky that I was scared. It sold through every fat bar! I have one left! How do I do it?? Some people really liked it. Amazing how things can change. Change our mind and become something nice.
I also bought some organic lemon grass and plan to make soap with lemongrass. It will be lovely, I promise and have a little scrub to it!

I made some winter body cream and its vanilla notes haunt me.
 I made some perfume for a girl and her ideas flow in to mine as if we connect through dark matter. We do. Even at this moment as you read this, we are connected.

I am hunkering down some more on perfume and sprays. still waiting for some last minute oils and so it goes.
The raspberry dirty girl soap was such a hit, I may just make a new batch .
Red mandarin scent with some lavender, a sweet lavender, like Bulgarian.
That was such a nice recipe with honey, raspberry seeds, clay and Alaskan Copper River silt..
We should have more of that silt I say!
People are really something to me. They are asking for more and more scrubby soap.
Such a contrast from the people who want smooth! I like everything in soap..not citronella and not spikenard..okay a drop drop. in some other new thing in the way future.

I made some rustic birch tar soap. It always smells like wet ashes in the beginning and then transforms. I only made a few like 6 bars. I put the birch tar, the conditioning fats and some choya loban and some really good frankincense oil I had left over form the holidays batches. It is going to blow your mind and you will love its effects because like it or not, birch does something to your angry skin.

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