Saturday, September 8, 2012

again with the lemon balm

I  know, I just can't get it out of my head. I get ready to make it in a soap and it won't be made..not yet anyhow.

Lemon balm is really good for you. I just went to a lovely workshop where it was once again mentioned for its tonic properties.
For one thing, it has components which support less  anxiety and more focus on what is in front if you at this moment.  So it isn't like valarain then or poppy, lemon balm is more awake and doesn't take you down like a drug. Lemon balm is bright and sunny.
You can go ahead and read this article;
 I loved it!
Go read about the honey bees and how these two precious life forms work together to form in Lemon Balm,  turpenes, rosemarinic acids, caffeic acids and many other phytochemicals that are quite interesting.
 Am I   saying you should go buy the highest dose in a bottle ( there are good ones out there, New Chapter, Herb Pharm, Gaia) and take 30 of them in a month?
No, but you could take a cup tea with lemon balm or mix it with a little holy basil tea, also known as tulsi. Now, that would be nice for you..
Have a cup later today and see how nice you feel..
Balance in life~right?

Lemon   balm has been associated with the feminine, the moon and water, and was considered a
sacred herb in the temple of the Ancient Roman goddess Diana . According to magical folklore , the
herb has powers of healing, success and love.
Culpeper associated lemon balm with the planet Jupiter and the astrological constellation Cancer .
Some herbalists believe lemon balm is also beneficial for the astrological signs Sagittarius and
Aquarius .

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