Sunday, September 16, 2012

new stuff!!

Lavender Oakmoss Soap with a drizzling of spruce and frankincense ( fresh clean, beautiful lavender mailette)

Nutmeg co2 in soap with organic ginger, red mandarin and cardamom a splash of lime and coconut milk...mmmmm a sort of island mystic blend

Cyprus Lime Soap with ground grape seeds, organic:)

 Earth Lore Soap with black spruce, frankincense, fir absolute, oakmoss labdanum, no fillers or grainy effects

shea and argan based

Island Mystic Blend
Vetiver Rose

Orders over 50 dollars get a free one ounce sample of cleanser and face balm!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Miss Anastasia. I cannot wait for my order! Oh dangit, I tell you what, I shoulda ordered more to get a lil sample of your facial collection. That's okay it should, so it shall, be.

    - oxoxo -


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