Saturday, September 1, 2012

my wee sample of vetiver co2

it smells like hay to me. not at all like the distilled I always get.
I love all the vetivers.
 My favorite so far is all of them..I cant't decide you see. Most likely the one from Madagascar I had for a fleeting few weeks. Right now I am using a vetiver from Sri Lanka..smooth, mellow and fortifying!

Vetiver co2 smells of hay. I reminds me of a barn, a nice clean one after a harvest of hay and wheat and corn that we all had to shuck for days on end..those days are gone because we are in modern times and live in Livonia.
The memory remains..
jumping into hay, knowing you're safe with yur mum and yia yia near by and being happy eating eggs and bread.

Vetiver co2

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