Sunday, September 30, 2012

happy full moon in aries

It is so brilliant out there ~~right~~ now~~ just like you!
You are all that is the best of aries today and tomorrow and forever..but today you know how awesome you are and how you can proove it but you don't have to.
everything that has happened to this moment is to show you that you can be better.
yes people die, go to prison for stupid shit and drink a little too much one night and do all the wrong things! Not you, though.
You can look at something righ off and know where your place is..It's like a movie to you where the divine forces are coninually showing you..each day filled with stories that fill pages of story books and the "cell files" in your mind.

I am in awe of myself today.
I know my skills are always being fine tuned..that is the thing with Aries! The Skill. The year in which you have worked at that one thing and each time bringing you more boons because of it.
whether is is your knowledge, you ability to work with any material you choose or you ability to take your voice to new hights..Aries vibe is all about that!
Oh,Aries it is all about cutting someone's head off too! Do not let your hurt feelings turn to vengance where you might feel joy over anoither's suffering..that is Aries too.
Look at all you've got!
"Thank you for my wonderful Skills"
(I love You)

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