Sunday, September 16, 2012

September things to love

a clean kitchen and hearth
apples, plums, grapes, kale
loving your life
eating hand prepared food instead of cookies
ok eat a cookie
eating clean as you can
enjoying how it tastes because of who made it
no amount of green coffee bean extract can do half as much for your bod babe!

Being beautiful is really in what you eat and what you think, in my way of thinking.
Believe me,  no one gets too far with a chip on their shoulder which they manifest in the form pain and agony
who needs that?!
Not me!
No, us, I should say. The fact that you are here now means we are of like mind. We want the best results! Surviving in our meat suits that is!
If you are religious, even more so... to honor your form, your god consciousness..what else would your existence be?
I am about to eat some dang fine pinto beans I made with ancho chillies, I hope you consume some goodness too.
I love you:)

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