Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dude, Mars in Scorpio!

Sometimes people die, they pass, sometimes violently and sometimes fast...
Mars in Scorpio is like that. A wave of deaths and sepparations.
It is ok. The churning will settle in to a swirling pool of lovely understanding and composure.
It is easy and it is "violently" not so easy. You can choose at any time.
If you are unconsolable about  something ,try to get out of your own mind and let someone else win. In so doing,  you will gain so much more from a sittuation!
It is like a hidden treasure, deep in muck and waste, which will get cleaned out one way or another.
Quote for the day:
"(: I am comfortable to let the other guy shine because I am perfect at what I do :)"

thank you thank you thank you

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