Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gead Ma'am!

Did you know science is so good at figuring things out that they believe they will come to the conclusion that is is no God. There are many real reasons for their train of thought.
That before the big bang, 13.7 billion years ago, there was no time..
Then, they recently started theorizing or what ever big brained people do,  that there are many many Universes like ours being in time and eventually extinguishing in an even bigger whatever it is...eventually because 13.7 billion years( so far) is a lot of time. Or should I say TIMEZ:) but for  that the same thing happening  billions of times to billions of Universes?
Why not?
It was only 100 years ago that we thought our solar system was the Universe.
Now, our  Voyager is about to leave our solar system and go in to the Milky Way, a giant neighborhood of stars and moons and different combinations of chemicals and gasses having formed in different ways and forming trillions of  life forms. Think about some of the clorella like substances and compositions of rare minerals we could employ in our understanding. The energy in one white dwarf star could fuel a whole planet. And you know, that in 100 years ago they will be harvesting star materials to fuel travelling through dark matter and dark energy..
The things we still do not know much about..I am thinking Dr Who stuff! Timey whimy things!

About God though, if a proton with a molecule of which you are made were a a tiny bit different, it would not spark the same energy from starlight with electrons and it wouldn't work. There would be no life at all because the whole reason for the big bang and all solar systems everywhere is to make life.
It is too much, I think whatever divine force is doing this, I am a part of it and I must know!
Give me love, give me peace on Earth, give me life, keep me from from hurt...
Who sang that?

I know you know that I know:):)that you know.
Thank you
have a wonderful day
I love you:)