Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank You Jup!

Jupiter just caught something huge from space and it created a big blast. We are talking areas that are as big as our moon maybe?  I  do not know the actual math here but let me tell you that the numbers are so big it takes letters to represent them...
Al I am saying is that Jupiter, our super amazing friend may have caught something for us that would have had  a big impact here on earth! Thank you Jup! Our super amazing friend. You are HOT to me right now!

I wonder which forces are best to review here?
Jupiter in Gemini close enough to Saturn in Libra (fall2012)..means some one is sensible and holding things together..right?
What are Gemini things to talk about?
having fun
studying anatomy
learning for fun ( my favorite)
being bright
thin glance
lazy mind

Find out where Jupiter in Gemini is in your chart and then review your choices.
"I do what I  want, therefore I am super happy"

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