Friday, September 14, 2012

people moving out

Three planets in Virgo today with Mars in Scorpio means there are plenty of things to occupy your time and no time to dawdle in hating!
"haters get no love"

Let's be focused
and let's be frank..that is all Virgo..

Scorpio? Well it is the underbelly of what ever you have festering in is all in what you nurture. The thing you spend the most time thinking about and doing.
Do you love it? You are so intent on the one thing that you miss out on the glorious messages you are getting from all around you?
It circles you, it is a disk, it twirls and spins.. like like the rock you are on right now, Earth, that  is!

These things and more are what color your day. Focus on what you are doing, don't worry, people notice the ones who slack and skim on the surface.

Most importantly, here would be the awesome results you will achieve on this so fruitful day. Plant some seeds in your mind.
What kind of improvements to the current doings and  others to be made..being made more likely.

Be honest with your self. You show every thought through your eyes and it comes out in electric currents through your skin, out of your finger tips and  your shoots out and touches people. Sometimes there are attracts like and all that...

Thank You~
I love you:)
I am sorry to those I have hurt
please forgive me:)

(ever try this exercise? It is very powerful! try it now:))))

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