Tuesday, September 25, 2012


in traffic, all summer, everything taking its sweet old time.
tick tick tick
I would drive home on most days almost hypnotized from the time spent in the car, in the hot Sun.
It was the hottest summer in Michigan in years..many many years.
They are telling me all that Sun has been good for the grapes up north..Yes, Michigan has grapes and some people are making wine.
How good it is, is another thing.
They tell me that the grapes are more purple this year than any other year and some wine makers up there are all excited about the results of 2012.

The year we all had to stop and learn about having less which is always, always having more.
We had to reckon with our feelings and what we really want.
Some of us have been left out in the rain, banished even!
This year we had to live the life we believe in.

Forgiveness, repair
Regret repair
overindulgence, repair..

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