Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a walk way

Mabon it is then!

This is a walk way I planted when I moved here, hastily I might add.
I  am already figuring that next spring I will plant these babies all over the place and freak everybody out.
Marigolds are the best thing and they prove Mabon is real. Evidence of how and why, we,  as a species interpret such color..up close or just at dawn, the glow a weird hue, I swear!

This day brings us to some energies which we were forced to face a couple days ago. When Mars went in Scorpio.
Secrets revealed
breaking bad habits
If you are still harboring resentment towards someone, you must take the information and turn it in to a success. That is the best thing here.  Actually being precise instead of being afraid of precision. The balance comes from taking the popper amount of time to do things amazingly. Now if you are using that time to take tooooo long, because you cannot see it another way, hey man, your habits are yours to see and fix. People can tell if you are an ass all the time. All I am saying is, you cannot hide your true self forever.
Calm down, think nice things.

A kind look here, a loving thought there:) and doing it all for yourself and not the other guy"))

Like Mabon, which is the reds, the golds, the colors and the colorful thoughts and behaviors I might say.
So Mars in Scorpio, hugh??
Yuppers, take hurt feelings, turn them to a work of art..
How you do it is your call.

What do I know about it, I am making more soap today!
It is really my best thing..

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