Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uranus Square Pluto from where I stand

Uranus is in Aries ruled by Mars the planet of war, sex, violence, sports, surgery, Pluto in Capricorn ruled by Saturn, old stuff, mom and dad, parenting, the past, the way past and news from way past times..

Bottom line here? Be noble or fail. Be honest or dwindle. Be kind or suffer. Be forgiving and be forgiven!
The big one here too, be open to change otherwise, you will get carried away and loose control.
There is also an element of following the rules which we will all adjust to. We are not as free as we think at this time on our planet.

New stuff about the past and future will be revealed to us in the next three years. eight things...
One of them, already having shown itself and conducting some 7 more times..perhaps the same themes being reconstructed till structure and calm prevails.
And don't give me this thing about how if we were perfect we wouldn't be here..
Nothing in the Universe is perfect which is why there are so many variations of the same elements in outer and inner space.

Did you read about how they found an ancient piece of papyrus that basically says Jesus was married and makes reference to wife having the ability to become his disciple?
All the fundamentalists already have their pitch forks out to claim that since it is a woman scientist she must be a liberal therefore not to be credited with the findings or that it cannot possibly be authentic. I am willing to wait until all the evidence is in and not proclaim anything.
The facts are the facts..Maybe it is time we went back 1500 years and re-put everything on the table and weigh the evidence without fear of beheading!
I mean the guy comes here to teach forgiveness and compassion and after they all kill him, they later go and kill a bunch of other people in his name..really? and still do..I wonder  how in three years time ( during this aspect), how everyone on earth will learn from this..
Enough with the flag burning, it is stupid!

And that is where I stand on Uranus square Pluto:) so far..

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