Friday, September 7, 2012

citrus soaps

You should want that burst of flavor, that juicy feeling you get when you smell pink grapefruit oil.
You anxiously wait for your oil to arrive and then open the bottle and inhale and then you put it down and walk a bit..then you smell it again..
You want this in the shower. Wouldn't it be nice to experience this burst of sunshine on some days?
In soap this is  where the opportunity lies.
You must be generous with the pour. If not, the scent is short lived. yes, it is there, but really, you have to wonder if all those people calling their soap citrus are adding some sort of fixative or something.
I am saying this because I had to pour twice as much oil in here to make the grapefruit stand out as well as it does.
My point being or should I say my other point that this makes for a bar of soap that will dissolve faster than most of my soaps.
When the essential oils co-mingle with the high energy fats within the soap, they do whatever they want after that. I know that with citrus oils, I must always be generous.
High energy, and I am not talking some mumbo jumbo here either!:)
The beauty in anything is its highest vibration.
Think about it.
Do you want to use a product from a warehouse which makes tons of product (no matter how natural they claim that is), you will always have a higher risk of compromising the material?
Have you ever had a cake from a bakery that tasted better than something your mom made?
No way..My mom makes the best everything..the woman can cook!
Another story.

Venus is in Loving Leo! Clean, organize, sing a your head even:)

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