Saturday, November 3, 2012

I have more

Are you kind of going back to the same ISSUE and re-living all the reasons why it didn't work then? Why you were so sad? Kind of so lonely?
 Things got to a calm comfort zone and then it is all the same challenges all over again?
I am sure there were many and all you had to do is be poised and do well , do a good job, be charming and be charismatic and always do the right thing, otherwise, there is a price to pay.

Well it also hurt then too, like a dirty bitch. Love is like that. Life, your ego is like that.. but it has to for some odd reason.

 I believe it is because we are striving towards GOD and knowing more makes our brains expand because knowledge up takes space, the brain makes new space for it like an "addition" to what was already there.. and that hurts.
I reckon so..what do I know?
It is all nerves, enzymes and co-enzymes in the end sparking with fervent life..It hurts, it's hard not soft. Can you imagine beings having evolved billions of years being a part of a huge explosion in space which annihilates  them with no warning and now they themselves are spread throughout the Universe, moving with infinite like speed connecting with new star dust to form something new with all the same stuff?

That is right now and all the time and we're in it.

er...back to on earth:)
Mercury retro in Scorpio by next week
clean out
know the dirty truth
hurt if you must
do a colon clean with chia seeds
talk with your dear ones and share your thoughts
let go of pride and  your ideas of honor
do not manipulate
do not lie

2 tablespoons chia  in 12 ounces water
do it for a week and notice how clean you feel, how radiant!


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