Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the news

 Kristen  wore her underwear to her vampire movie and who cares?
I don't, but...
That is where my Capricorn Moon says, wtf?
Daring, huh?
"Keep you panties for your lover at special times is my opinion but I am told by my daughter that I am a prude..
Am I wrong about this?
Aries chicks like to show it off, so we'll give her that.

Oh how about this, Venice..
Venice is basically a disaster waiting to happen, but does regularly flood. People know and get ready for it every 30, 40 years, now it is the sixth biggest flood they've have had in like 200 years..The sixth seems normal to me, but we make everything about how bad. Those Venusians, they are walking in it. Boots on, and off as they even seem to frolic in it..still though, it must be tiresome..wading though water..why live so close to the sea?

Oh, and how about that general guy?
He is getting fired for what they all, ok, lets say 90% do regularly and hide it!
Honestly what does who you're sleeping with have to do with how you make war?
I could care less about that guy or his vampy mistress. I imagine she is quite accommodating in the bedroom.
Maybe they are all jealous?
ha ha ha

Today, I am packing orders, making white bean soup, and enjoying my home..I hope that you have a good one:)


  1. yur welcome:):) and yes I spelled yur wrong on purpose,ha ha!