Friday, November 9, 2012

Mercury Muse

I love the style of this serving plate. I do. And as I scheme about myself for the next few years, I will serve myself  as more stylish..yes I will.

As I tend to do with ever Mercury retrograde I start dreaming about stuff.
My sweet little shop..where there is soup, bread and beautiful conversation..and soap and an oils or two,
an earth oven in the yard, me making bread for about 100 people day and staying home to do it..
after all I am not getting any younger and I will have to retire in ten years or something..

reviewing your mistakes
your desperation
your angst

The reason why we review is because we are unsatisfied, I suppose. You can choose how you feel about it.

Maybe you thought you could live with certain things that went against your grain a little and you covered that notion up with all the goodies you were getting from your situation. There are always goodies.

Ideas for retaining dignity through Mercury retrogrades;

be suave
be thorough
want the best thing
be detached
always think of the kind way to say things
don't be a hater
eat salad
go watch something good on Netflix and rest yourself..

***I'm in the last season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I have really enjoyed Joss Whedon's writing skills very much.. I will certainly consider "Firefly" next:)
As in life and in stories people write, the keenest and the most skilled one gets to be tested and win while at times seemingly loosing, and  seemingly dying and then digging deeply to find strength they conquer all of it with beauty.

I hope you have a wonderful day brought with showers of money and pools of good fortune.

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