Saturday, November 24, 2012

some new blend ideas that I have for soap

~I want to do a Red Clover Chamomile Linden Blossom Soap with hawthorn berries( just a few)::

~I am thinking of course to make a new Tree Sort of blend with everything I have in stock right now, cedar, larch, mastic, birch, fir absolute, frankincense, myrrh, black spruce..I mean nice is that?
      Like The Time Lord inverted..
Like a super huge star collapsing in on itself and then shooting everything out again as if a flower is blooming...
We are all in that... but everything is so far apart we can't feel it. Sometimes you can. Sometimes you feel the electric current with in your own heart or in a split second you may feel yourself out of your body...things are moving so fast you don't even know it is happening.
and that is why I love space!

~Neroli with Jasmine, Linden, Rose and Petitgrain Sur Fluer

A very special soap for someone who loves pure essential oils on the skin and deserves the very best.
Soothing, calming, illustrious, charming, loves the woman within and digs the man all the way. Sleeps well with a quiet mind and relieves any pain with ease.
This is an emotional blend. Forgiveness comes to mind.

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